Think Like Christ Youth Conference 2023

Come join us April 22nd, 2023, for our Think Like Christ Youth Conference

Conference will include Worship, Preaching, Workshops, and Games.  Lunch will also be provided.  Youth Conference is FREE of charge and is for Jr. High and High School aged youth.  Youth sponsors and parents are also invited to attend.

Early-bird register by April 8th, 2023, to receiver a FREE shirt. 

Check-in begins at 9:30 AM, April 22nd, 2023. Conference will end at 6PM

Keynote speakers are: Nate Day with Think Like Christ Ministries and Frank Figueroa with Reasons for Hope

Workshops Speakers are: Frank Figueroa with Reasons for Hope, Dennis Fulkerson with Community Bible Church – Mount Vernon, Paul Carter with Think Like Christ Ministries, and Tyler Whitcher and Micah Lawson with Faith Baptist Bible College

Find out more about Dan and Reasons for Hope. Find out more about Think Like Christ Ministries.

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About Frank

As a young person Frank always struggled with “authority,” and wanted to know WHY he needed to do what he was told to do, especially when it came to organized religion. That changed when someone at a Bible study gave him a copy of Josh McDowell’s book, “Evidence That Demands A Verdict.” The fact that someone was able to systematically and logically validate the truth claims of the Bible is one of the things that led him to place his faith in Jesus Christ.

Frank’s goal is to be able to reach the skeptics like his previous self by being able to share with them that God is a God of design, order and logic. He enjoys having conversations with people about things that are true. Sharing God’s truths in a proper and understandable way is one of his greatest joys.

When Frank is not fulfilling his duties as a pastor, or guest speaker, he and his wife love to travel. He also loves shooting sports and especially enjoys bow hunting. His love for archery even led he and his wife to start a ministry to share the gospel along with the skills of archery to the youth of Hawaii entitled, Centershot Hawaii. Frank has a Science Education degree from the University of Hawaii, but his greatest credential is experience and time spent in the ministry.


About Nate

Nate is the founder and director of TLCM and Solid Rock Christian Camp. Nate, along with his wife Ashley, have a heart for reaching teens with the Truth of Scripture as well as helping teens form their Christian worldview.  Nate and Ashley have a daughter, Alisabeth, and two sons, Benaiah and Malachi.  Together, the five of them, love working at camp!!!
About Dennis – Discipleship Pastor – CBC Mount Vernon
Dennis and Amy have been members of CBC since 2004. After a few years serving overseas, Dennis returned to CBC and stepped into the role of Discipleship Pastor in July 2017. Dennis and Amy have three daughters and are proud alumni of Iowa State University. Dennis’ favorite pastime is sitting in a coffee shop with a good book and a journal.
About Paul
Paul is the program director of Solid Rock Christian Camp. Paul and his wife Megan live in Kansas City, MO where Paul is a middle school assistant principal and Megan is a CPA. The both have a heart for youth and helping them grow in the grace of God.