The Days

Nate is the founder and director of TLCM and Solid Rock Christian Camp. Nate, along with his wife Ashley, have a heart for reaching teens with the Truth of Scripture as well as helping teens form their Christian worldview.  Nate and Ashley have a daughter, Alisabeth, and two sons, Benaiah and Malachi.  Together, the five of them, love working at camp!

 The Carters 

Paul is the assistant director of TLCM and Solid Rock Christian Camp. Paul, his wife Megan, and their daughter Chloe live in Kansas City, MO where Paul is a middle school Assistant Principal and Megan is a CPA. The both have a heart for youth and helping them grow in the grace of God.

Andrew Parker
Andrew has been a part of Think Like Christ Ministries since the Spring of 2020 fulfilling various roles. Andrew has lived in Texas the majority of his time with TLCM working remote and traveling to Iowa for various events. In April of 2023 He moved to Iowa to play a bigger role in the off-season activates for TLCM.